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Back Pain

Posted on February 5, 2017 at 7:55 PM

Our spine is a sophisticated structure composed of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. We can sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture discs and irritate joints – all of which can cause back pain. We can have one or more of these innuries occur at the same time.


While we can all understand how accidents and sports injuries can cause back pain, sometimes even the simplest of movements (like picking a pencil up from the floor) can produce painful results. This is often the most common type of injury we see as Chiropractors; the reason for this is that we are very adaptible organsims, we cope and adapt and cope and adapt until the body reaches that point at which it can no longer cope and adapt; then we feel the resultant symptoms. In addition, arthritis, poor posture, obesity and emotional stress can cause or complicate back pain.


Research has found that chiropractic care has the following benefits, compared to conventional treatment options:


• Decrease in pain relief medication use


• Faster recovery times


• Significant improvement in back pain symptoms


• Significant improvement in physical activity tolerance


Chiropractors are trained in the surgery and drug free approach of disorders of the spine, nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors maintain a unique focus on spinal adjustments and treatment of surrounding structures, including, muscles, soft tissue and ligaments.


The Chiropractor will conduct a thorough musculoskeletal assessment to determine the cause of your back pain. The Chiropractor will put together a comprehensive and individualised treatment plan that is designed to address your specific condition and requirements for pain relief and long term healing.


Treatment may include:


• Spinal adjustments


• Pelvic alignment techniques


• Ice/Cold therapy


• Trigger point therapy


• Therapeutic Exercises


o Stretching tight muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments


o Core stability exercises to improve bracing muscles


o Teaching and prescription of a home exercise program to assist in recovery and prevent re-occurrence


• Instruction in proper body mechanics during bending, lifting and carrying heavy objects


• Ergonomic adjustments in the work place


Chiropractic care is considered to be the safe and effective treatment of back pain. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your spinal health, do not hesitate to contact your Chiropractor.


Towards Wellness




Laughter is indeed the best medicine. It can relieve stress, boost your immune function, ease pain, burn calories, and improve your mood. To bring more laughter in your life, indulge in funny activities such as watching funny movies, being with funny people, and spend time with kids!


Stretch of the Month


Back Flexion Stretch


Many back pain patients know the feeling of tension in the back, especially first thing in the morning. This Back Stretch can help bring back some suppleness and increase mobility, decreasing back pain and discomfort.


1. While lying on one's back, pull both knees to the chest while simultaneously flexing the head forward until a comfortable stretch is felt in a balled-up position.

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